Clear bags - Do I need one?

What's the deal with these clear bags? Why does everyone have one? More and more venues require a clear bag or purse of some sorts to allow access. This requirement is meant to improve security measures and also expedites fan entry into said venues.

If you're visiting places or attending a game or concert and want to bring more than just a phone and your keys, you might need one! Especially us ladies, with those non-existent pocket jeans. (sight)

Scroll down and read more about the PROs and CONs.

clear bag for games


There are many places you can use a clear bag. Many stadiums, concerts or festivals, and even workplaces have implemented a clear bag policy. So it's a matter of when you'll need it, not if!

Having a clear transparent bag allows you to go in and grab whatever you're looking for without wasting time rummaging around.

Plus, you’ll be much more inclined to stay organized. 

Clear purses are in right now and make for a very fashionable accessory. This way, you can mix fashion with function and have the best of both worlds.


You should make sure to keep any valuables less visible by slipping them into a smaller pouch or wallet.

Transparent bags like these are meant to carry items such as wallet, phone, keys, umbrella, bottle, even clothes, but don't think of them as luggage that can carry very heavy loads. 

If you didn't know you needed one and don't know where to find one maybe we can help. See which one of our best selling clear bags for events are right for you.